Work in Progress -

Arthur, a military android is unearthed after a thousand year hibernation to find his utopian world reduced to a crimson wasteland where technology, like him, is “magic,” and anyone with so much as a gun can call themselves a sorcerer. Aboard a nearby airship orbiting earth since the apocalypse, Tess, a stubborn outcast scribe, finds saving her dying home might cost not only the help of a sequestered demon, but all she’s ever loved.

Draft 2 Estimate: May 15th 2021



Some days I light films here in Los Angeles, others I write novels, screeplays, or whatever strikes my fancy. My favorite genres are science fiction and fantasy! I'm a sucker for Brandon Sanderson's novels and Hayao Miyazaki's films.

When I'm not writing


Oh Holy Night

This is one song of many we shot for APU's Dinner Rally. It was a blast shooting with some bold beautiful lights and music.


College Humor

This women's winter episode is an old one, but one of my personal favorites.


Valentine's Flowers

For an example of commercial work, I like this one because of the consistent high-key style over many locations.

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