Got Questions?

Here are some Answers.

How To Rent

Take a look at the gear list, and select from the drop-downs which items you'd like, and for which days you'd like to rent. After that you will be contacted with a quote and further details.


Weekends are billed as 1 day, and weeks are billed as 3 days. Monday - Friday rentals are billed as only 2 days.


Pickup and Returns are scheduled by appointment, and usually reside between 10am and 10pm. Excessive tardiness can result in additional charges, or in the worst cases you will be unable to pick up your gear. So be on time! It’s just good practice.


You are required to have a general liability certificate of insurance naming Jonathan Strellman/Crimson Seal Rentals as "Additionally Insured" and equipment insurance certificate for no less that the full replacement value of the equipment you are requesting naming Jonathan Strellman/Crimson Seal Rentals as "Loss Payee".

Don’t have Insurance?

No sweat! We can waive both general liability, and equipment insurance requirements for 10% each. So for 20% of your total bill you will not be required to present any insurance. This does not buy you insurance. You will still be held responsible for the full replacement value of the equipment should anything go missing, or be returned damaged or destroyed.

Burned Our Globes

Should any bulbs burn out while you are renting the equipment you will be charged for their replacement cost.

Still have Questions?

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