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Robin likes her coffee at 75ºC with 15ml of creamer and 9g of sugar. I accepted this iteration on October 23rd after tracking the dilation of her pupils and her rate of consumption for one month....

Published in The Arcanist


The Desert Spirit

A short climate fiction about a girl searching for water in the ruins of a once-great world.

Coming Soon


Sandswept - (Querying)

The world ended a thousand years ago. Arthur, a long-buried military android, finds out today. Aboard a nearby airship orbiting earth since the apocalypse, Tess, an outcast scribe, finds saving her dying home might cost not only the help of a sequestered demon, but all she’s ever loved.

Coming in a While



I'm a proper nerd who lights films, writes sci-fi fantasy, and plays D&D—I’m always the wizard. Brilliant worldbuilding delights me more than any other quality in media, so I’m a sucker for Sanderson's novels, Miyazaki's films, and the verisimilitude of Susanna Clarke’s footnotes in Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell.         

When out in the world, I swing dance, sport mildly anachronistic attire, and mix elaborate cocktails for friends. At home, I write, sew, read, improvise music, and study new languages.              


When I'm not writing I'm Lighting

Here are three (very different)  things I've lit that aren't behind a paywall!


Oh Holy Night

This is one song of many we shot for APU's Dinner Rally. It was a blast shooting with some bold beautiful lights and music.


College Humor

I've lit a bunch of these! This women's winter episode is an old one, but one of my personal favorites.


Valentine's Flowers

For an example of commercial work, I like this one because of the consistent high-key style over many locations.

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